Focused Intention: Directing Energy and Awareness by Kevin Wikse

Awareness is to a firearm as energy is to ammunition. The Dream Warrior must possess and continuously train both. The Dream Warrior's awareness must be of tremendous caliber and capable of holding up in the most rigorous and punishing terrain, whether it is the psychic battleground of the Dream Warrior's inner world or the external hazards of the ever-increasingly dangerous physical world. Likewise, the Dream Warrior's energy must be readily accessible and in large, copious amounts. It is through the pairing of awareness and energy that the Dream Warrior has any hope of being anything less than a slave to his or her unknown and hidden masters. Thereby, it is only through the continual coupling of awareness and energy and employing them in tandem to achieve the same goal that the Dream Warrior can eventually consider themselves a formidable  stalker  of the dream realm, the shadow world, the material plane, and most importantly, themselves. For now, keep that in mind. In a f

The War for Energy and Awareness: Recapitulation, by Kevin Wikse

The true battlefront for humanity's freedom has been and always will be Lucid Dreaming. The only war that matters is the war we subconsciously wage. All choices we make, collectively or individually as humans, stem from the influences set upon us by unknown masters and hidden intelligence. The effects of these pervasive intrusions always have real-world consequences and tangible aftermaths. There will always be consequences for winning or losing, and whether you are aware of these pervasive intrusions or not, frankly, matters not. In truth, they would prefer you not know. They have gone to Herculean extremes to dull your senses to their presence in order to puppet you from afar.  Thereby, in the war for awareness and to weaponize lucidity, your most valuable commodities are  energy  and  awareness . Without awareness, there is no consciousness; without this, your participation in the fight for your freedom, individually and collectively (all of mankind), is severely, detrimentally,

"I am Dreaming?" Prelude into my Lucid Dreaming and your first maneuver in fighting for awareness by Kevin Wikse.

Awareness is the phenomenon and key which ignites the art of Lucid Dreaming. To become lucid is to gain spatial awareness and the ability to orient yourself to your present situation and circumstance. At face value, gaining lucidity might be of little concern to you. Likely you know where you live and can effectively navigate around your town.  However, the type of awareness I will speak about goes beyond base autonomic living and, once applied (applied even once), irreparably shatters the illusory day-to-day trance the majority of humanity, especially Americans, clumsily sleepwalk through. Achieving lucidity while dreaming is akin to being teleported from back seat passenger to driver. An often jarring transition. The dream is no longer happening around you. Now you are happening to the dream. This particular type of psychological transition can be startling and upsetting for many. If it was possible to ask you while you are dreaming, "Are you awake, are you aware?" You migh